Saturday, April 9, 2016

Top 10 Gifts for a Two Year Old

Two is a really fun age!  The are becoming their own little humans.  Language is developing, some faster than others, and they may be able to voice their preferences on all things - including gifts! Here are some good starting points:

Tea Set:
Tea sets are just darling.  For this age, you may want the tin variety so it is durable for even the most boisterous toddler.  From pretend play tea partys to water play on the patio, tea sets are a hit.  This Schylling set is a great choice - durable and in a lovely pattern.

Splash! Splash! Splash!  Toddlers love puddle jumping, puddle splashing, puddle anything!  Keep them dry with the proper gear.  Check out the Hatley brand raincoats - great patterns, terry clothed lining, with easy snap buttons.

Bedding Set:
At some point between 2 and 3 many kids make the transition from crib to a twin bed.  They are no longer limited in bedding, and many begin to use a pillow and bedding.  If there is a definite theme in the bedroom, respect the parents and choose along that path.  We love the selection from Dwell Studio - colorful, fun and spirited.

Kids in sunglasses - adorable.  Kids losing and mangling sunglasses -  not so much.  Thats why we love BabiatorsThey will replace any lost, broken, misplaced sunglasses. Register your glasses within 30 days of purchase - and replacement is guaranteed. Amazing!

If your 2 year old has a big sibling, chances are they are coveting their backpack.  As parents, we view backpack as an additional storage container.  Kids, they view it as an awesome fun kit where they can stash their crayons, dust bunnies and fruit snacksBixbee makes the cutest backpacks -- owls, sharks, sparkles and stripes.  Perfect size and fun styles.

Fun Membership:
Instead of purchasing and item, its a great option to purchase an experience.  An exciting way to do this is through annual memberships. The Children's Museum, Museum of Science and Zoos all offer annual memberships to families.  For example, you can purchase a family membership at Boston's Franklin Park Zoo for $110, and this membership also includes access to Stone Zoo.  Fun for the whole family!

Art Supplies:
Two year olds typically can grasp a pen / crayon, and are developing the motor skills during this year to maneuver the pen and color on paper (and other things).  There is no need to go overboard when it comes this type of gift, with this age basics are best.  But there is one essential factor - WASHABLE.  Please, please, please - on behalf of parents nationwide, we implore you - WASHABLE MARKERS!

Water Table:
They are admittedly clunky and large, but such a hit.  In the summer, put a water table out on in your backyard / deck, and you can count on some serious toddler playtime.  This version offered by Step2 has two levels and a sun umbrella - your place for the playdate or mine?

There is nothing exciting about socks - but they are an obvious necessity.  Mom Hack - buy 2 sets of the same socks, you wont get stuck with the loner sock!  Parents appreciate a practical and usable gift, and even the kids will enjoy these fun patterns.

ThinkTouchLearn Books:
At this age kids are starting to sponge up all the information they are presented.  TouchThinkLearn make a great series of learning books - numbers, shapes and colors.  The books have raised die cut elements, creating a sensory learning experience for the little ones.  "See the image, trace its shape, say its name: these modes of perception combine in a dynamic way to stimulate understanding of essential concept."  Did we mention the really cute design?

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