Friday, April 29, 2016

Storytime: For Tots Whose Imaginations Run Wild

Do the stories made up by your little one rival the Brothers Grimm? 

If so, foster this creativity into non-mischievous channels!  These books are great examples of characters who use their imaginations and creative viewpoints to their advantage.

These tales will inspire their imaginations to take flight!

The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson

This story is a best seller throughout the UK, and upon reading it you'll know why.  Its a delightful tale of a little mouse who uses its imagination to outsmart predators of all shapes and sizes.  The colorful drawings and intriguing storyline will delight your kids and keep them entertained.

Frederick, by Leo Lionni

Some tales just get better with age.  This recipient of the Caldecott Honor Medal is a book that has amused children for years.  A little mouse, once disparaged as a day dreamer and a poet, becomes the greatest asset to his community when he's able to use his creativity and imagination to help them through the long cold winter.  Stated simply - its a great story, with great pictures & a great message.

 Abuela, by Arthur Dorros

While out with her grandmother a young girl wonders - what if I could fly?  And off they soar, traveling throughout a bustling city.  The mixed media illustrations are wonderfully detailed and the use of Spanish woven throughout the story adds an exciting educational aspect.

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