Saturday, April 2, 2016

Plan Ahead! National Find a Rainbow Day is April 3rd (Free Download!)

Did you know April 3rd marks National Find a Rainbow Day?  What a great excuse to plan a fun day for your kids and their friends!

The topic of rainbows will not only draw your kids' attention, but its also a great opportunity to work a mini-science lesson into your day by explaining how the natural phenomena occurs

Breakfast:  Rainbow fruit skewers and pot of gold yogurt.
This is a fruity breakfast option to start your day.  Take wooden skewers and skewer fresh fruit in the following order - strawberry, cantaloupe, banana, green grape, blueberries, and red grapes - Viola! a rainbow appears before your own eyes.  For pot of gold yogurt, take a serving of plain Greek yogurt in a small cup, pour a thin layer of honey over the top.  Doesnt get much easier than that!

StorytimeA Rainbow of My Own, by Don Freeman.
"If I were a rainbow where would I hide?"  Follow along in this engaging book as a little boy plays with his imaginary friend - a rainbow.

Unfortunately April does not always provide the best weather for outdoor activities.  Make your own rainbows with many items found within your home.

Take a box of Fruit Loops, have the kids separate the colors, teaching the little ones ROY-G-BIV (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet). Then take the colors and paste them onto this free printable activity page.

Not into Fruit Loops?  Take pasta wheels, cook and use food dyes (we suggest mixing both the regular and the neon food dyes) to color the pasta the night before. 

With a little creativity and access to fresh fruits and vegetables, most meals can be turned into a rainbow experience.  Rainbow TexMex Tortellini Salad is easy, healthy and tasty - a true crowd pleaser.

Look what mama found at the end of her rainbow!  An April Rain Martini is your beloved vodka martini with a hint of refreshing lime.  Easy to make and sure to put some Spring in your step.

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