Friday, April 15, 2016

Plan Ahead! Marathon Monday (April 18th)

Its that time of year again - celebrate Boston Strong!

The energy in Boston is palpable and the bright yellow finish line is freshly painted across Boylston Street.  Yes, the Boston Marathon takes place Monday, April 18th.  The Boston Marathon is not just to be celebrated by the runners, Beacon Street Baby suggests you turn it into a great family friendly day!

Breakfast:  Its not often that we get a bonafide excuse to indulge in a carbohydrate laden meal.  Sure, we're not running in the marathon, but in the spirit of the marathon, why not start your day with a Carbo-load Breakfast Burrito!  Tortilla, eggs and potatoes - totally delicious and sure to give you energy throughout the day.

Storytime: The First Marathon: The Legend of Pheidippides, by Susan Reynolds.  Marathons existed long before they came to Boston 120 years ago.  The marathon tradition is rooted in ancient Greek society.  This illustrated children's book provides the story of Pheidippides, the original marathon runner, in a manner that children will understand and enjoy.

Playdate: Heartbreak Hill Helpers.  The road race of the Boston Marathon consists of 26.2 grueling miles, and the most infamous segment is Heartbreak Hill.  This is the perfect spot to help the runners by cheering them on.  Help your little ones make signs to root on the runners, put on your best marathon gear, and cheer on the runners.  Your support will help them conquer Heartbreak Hill, and your kids will love being part of the action.  If you can't make it to Heartbreak Hill, consult the Spectator Guide and find a space & time that will work for you and your family.

Dinner: A delicious meal that can be made ahead of time is the perfect answer after a long day of marathon celebrations.  Pastitsio is best described as a Greek Lasagna, and this version is delicious and nutritious with spinach and chard.

Late-Night Cap:  Boston-based Sam Adams has an annual tradition of releasing a special edition brew for the marathon - 26.2 Boston Brew.  Its a light German beer called a Gose, and its the perfect ending to a perfect marathon day!

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