Monday, April 4, 2016

Top 10 Gifts for a One Year Old

Trying to find a perfect gift is tough - and its even tougher when your mommy brain cant remember one thing that your now 5 year old played with at 12 months!

Consider this your refresher course!

Here is a tried and true list of great gifts for any one year old:

Board Book - Good Night iPad
Chances are the parents got a copy (or two, or three) of Good Night Moon at their baby shower.  Fast forward a year or so, and this book just might be a little more fitting. Good Night iPad by Ann Droyd will put a smile on the parents face while also serve as that reminder we all need to unplug.

Wooden Activity Cube
Many brands make these toys, I am especially fond of the B Zany Zoo Activity Cube that is found at Target.  The cube is heavy and sturdy, and the flap doors are a major hit.  At the same time, each side has a different activity, and the top has a great tactile bead game.  Animals, colors, shapes - it has everything to keep 1 year olds entertained.

Stack and Roll Cups
At first glance thing toy seems basic and boring - dont be fooled.  I was amazed at the number of ways my son's preschool teacher used this item to teach.  Stack them, make them into balls, play pop the ball, hide the ball inside, teach numbers, teach colors -- the list goes on.  The toy can be used for kids 6 months and up, but with so many different ways to utilize it, it will be used for a number of years.

Levert Pajamas
You can never have enough pajamas! We especially like Levert Pajamas because, unlike others, the material actually improves with time.  No pilling, no scratchy fabric - I dont know how they do it, but they seem to get softer with each wash!  They have great designs and at a price point that wont break the bank - a real quality buy.

Straw Bottles
Once babies hit the one year mark, many start the transition from bottle to sippy cup and/or straw bottle.  A great product to try is the Monstraw's straw bottle.  One of the best things about this bottle is that it can be fully taken apart and washed - no little parts for yuck and guck to get stuck!

Swipe Toy Cell Phone
Yes, we recognize this post will probably be obsolete in a matter of days, but in the meantime - what does a one year old really want to play with?  Your phone!  For a long time the toy phones were virtually unrecognizable to today's kids - not anymore.  Vtech has created a great Swipe Cell Phone baby toy.  While I cant promise it will replace your little one's desire for you smart phone, it will entertain them in the meantime.

Yes, its boring.  But yes, it is oh so practical and necessary!  If there is one thing that every one year old needs and every parent is tired of buying - its diapers.  So help a parent out, bring a box of diapers.  Not sure of the size -- chances are a 5 or 6 will suffice.  Better too big, they will grow into them eventually!

Growth Charts
Right around one the little ones start standing up - perfect time to start charting their growth.  There are so many options for growth charts, and many can be personalized.  This is also a perfect opportunity to support a small business / etsy store.  For example, check out CreativeByClair's personalized growth charts.  So adorable!

Cute Storage
Now granted, this is not on the top of the one year old's wishlist -- but I betcha its on his momma's!  Kids have so much stuff -- sooo much stuff!!  And it really can start to get cray cray around the one year mark.  Let's give a gift that is cute, functional and sanity-inducing.  A nice big basket that can be filled with toys, blocks, or even laundry (sooo much laundry!).  LoveJoyCreate has great fabric patterns and the cutest of storage containers.

Adirondack Chair
A outdoor take on an already popular gift - the kids chair.  Nothing says spring and summer in New England like an kids sized Adirondack chair! As most things available at Target, we love this design and the bright colors.   Bonus Points - if you're bringing this as a gift it would be oh so sweet of you to assemble it ahead of time! 

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