Friday, April 22, 2016

Storytime: Books for all the Tiny Dancers

If your little ones cant keep their feet still once the music starts, try adding these books to your storytime rotation.

Miss Tutu's Star, by Leslea Newman.
Little Selena loves to dance.  When enrolled in Miss Tutu's School of Dance she learns new choreography and prepares for an upcoming recital.  The book provides great messages related to working towards goals and overcoming fears.  This book is really quite funny and the illustrations are sure to put a smile on your little ones' faces! 

How Can You Dance, by Rick Walton
This is a great book of rhymes and dance inspiration.  It is full of colorful and creative drawings, and the author encourages children to create their own dance steps while moving like trees, foxes, frogs and more.  Get ready to dance like a kangaroo - hop hop hop!

My Name is Not Alexander, by Jennifer Fosberry
Through conversations with his father, a young boy lets his imagination run wild as he takes on the personas of his greatest heros - including Fred Astaire.  " I am FRED... the greatest, smoothest dancer there ever was!".  The concept, colors and content are all top notch.  And while its far away, keep it in mind as a great Fathers Day book selection.

Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle
This sweet book needs no words! Through interactive storytelling, Flora and her new friend learn about friendship and dance loved by tiny dances from coast to coast! Your little ones will love mimicking the graceful moves of this duo.

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