Thursday, April 7, 2016

Love This: Kickstarter Projects for Kids


Kickstarter is a website that helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. 

There are some really cool projects focused on children / mothers / families on Kickstarter.  Here are some current highlights:

Invented by a Mom to help keep her kids healthier throughout the year, Scrub Bugs are creating an entirely new category of healthy hygiene for kidsAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hands are the #1 carriers of sickness causing germs.  Despite this, kids don't actually wash their hands well enough to remove all the germs.  Scrub Bugs to the rescue!!!  Scrub Bugs make hand washing both more effective and more fun. They are the new critical component to every kid's hygiene routine.
Such an awesome idea.  I cringe sometimes when I watch my kids 'wash' their hands. If I'm not there over their shoulder there is a good chance they are breezing their hands through the water and moving on - disgusting.  A scrub bug is something I think they would totally use, just as that superman toothbrush gets my son to actually brush his teeth!

Penny Powers:
PENNY POWERS is the superpowered alter ego of fourth grader Penelope Powski. No one knows Penelope's secret except for her superpowered sidekick, and cat, Pepper. Together, these two heroes protect their school and their neighborhood from the forces of evil as PENNY POWERS and HYPER-CAT!
We love a girl super hero -- even more so one whose sidekick is her cat!  Awesome drawings and a funny storyline, something we can imagine kids really enjoying.

We have created soft and huggable dolls to team up with your children to be a force for good. Each doll comes with a bag of heart tokens that are given away as an act of kindness. Plus, for each doll purchased a doll will be donated to a child less fortunate.
Not only are the dolls really cute, we love the idea of inspiring your children to commit acts of kindness while giving back to those in need.  The back story of the founders is heartwarming and inspiring.  Best of luck to Kind Doll!

Inspired to fund one of these projects?  For as little as $5.00 you can take part in KickStarting a dream.  Let us know about your favorite Kickstarter projects!

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