Sunday, April 10, 2016

Family Time: Fostering Multi-Generational Conversations

This is a different kind of children's activity, but its probably one of the most rewarding ones we've discovered in a while.  
  1. Try to gather multiple generations in one room.  If physically that is not possible - Skype or FaceTime it!
  2. Have your child draw their bedroom
  3. Draw your own childhood bedroom
  4. Ask a grandparent (or great aunt or great uncle)  draw their childhood bedroom.  
  5. Then what?  Talk about it!  
  • How are the pictures the same?
  • How are the pictures different? 
  • What colors do you have in your room compared to that of grandma / grandpa?
  • What from mom/dad's room would you want in your room?
Depending on the age of your child they may lose interest pretty quickly after the drawing segment.  Thats ok, you can equally benefit from these conversations.  Remember, many people reading this wish they had the opportunity to do this same project.

So even if your little one doesnt make it long past the drawing - save all 3 pictures, there will be a day in their future when these drawings will be cherished.

Share with us your drawings using #MyRoomYourRoom!

This post was inspired by a tweet from Chris Sacca.  Not familiar with him? Check him out (I recommend listening to his podcast with Tim Ferriss).  He is a investor with a very unique viewpoint on life - breaking the mold for what you may expect from uber successful tech types:

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