Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Love This: Chore Charts (Free Downloads!)

A ongoing challenge in many households is getting your kids to do their chores.

We want to raise responsible & capable adults - and we have to start somewhere.  Whats the end goal?  Well ideally by the time they go to college they will know how to do their own laundry.

A good way to get started on implementing a chore system is with a chore chart.  Ruth over at Living Well Spending Less has an excellent series of printable charts & lists to implement chores in your household.

We love her printable popsicle stick chores.  Print them out, glue them onto popsicle sticks and the kids can draw a stick to determine what chore(s) they are assigned for the day.

Can their first chore can be to make the chore sticks? Sounds like a great way start!

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