Thursday, March 31, 2016

To Do List: Berries & Cherries

It is a little known fact that March is the Berries & Cherries Month.

Why not spend the last day of March celebrating these wonderful fruits with the following activities:

Breakfast: French toast and berries is a no-brainer, turning them into sticks is sure to entertain your family.  Lets face it, kids love finger foods, and with a recipe this easy - we love making them!

Storytime: Blueberries for Sal, by Viking Kestrel & Robert McCloskey (author of the beloved Boston based book, Make Way for Ducklings) is a classic.  Chances are you already have it in your collection - this is the perfect occasion to re-read this time tested tale.

Lunch:  When you're dealing with Berries & Cherries, you don't need fancy recipes to make food taste great.  Your kids will love a classic peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich, and even more so when you pair it with a fresh berry lemonade

Playtime: Listen, we're not saying that tie-dye is making a come-back... lets put that on the record!  But we know for sure that this is an activity that everyone will love.  Not only is Berry-Tie Dye fun, but its 100% green.  So get in touch with your very distant past, pull out the rubber bands and show your kids how to tie-dye like a pro!

Dinner:  Its important for your kids to experience new flavors.  Try topping your regular grilled chicken dinner with berry salsa. Its an interesting twist on a basic meal, the flavors will delight the whole family.

Late-Night Cap:  We all know the Cosmo - early Carrie Bradshaw, no need to say more.  Try the Merry Berry Cosmo for a new flavor profile on the classic vodka beverage ... 4-inch heels not required!

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