Tuesday, March 29, 2016

4 Momma Approved Boxed Wines

Yes - we said it - BOXED WINES!

Now, dont let your mind go back to your mom's box of Franzia that occupied that middle drawer of your white fridge growing up each summer.  Boxed wines have changed!

This trend has been growing strong for a couple years now - so remove the mental stigma.  Next time you're looking to try something new - pass on by the bottles and take a look at the boxes.  You will be surprised at the great variety and quality of wines.

Save Waste:  One of the great benefits of boxed wines is that it stays fresh for much, much longer then its bottled counterparts.  Now you can have a glass or two, or whatever (ahem) without having to toss the rest the next day.   And on the flip side - when you have an impromptu mommy playdate, you dont have to worry about running out... usually (ahem ahem).

Save Time: Boxed wine is an inevitable time saver - most boxes contain the equivalent of 4 bottles.  Now, if this doesnt save you from at least one or 2 trips to the package store I would like to see your current wine cellar!

Save Money:  Even the higher quality wines that are now available in boxes are more reasonably priced than if you had bought the equivalent number of bottles.

After many, many, (ahem) many diligent taste tests - here are our selections for the 4 Mommy Approved Boxed Wines:

From The Tank, Vin Rouge:  This organic wine is a great choice, you may even recognize it from several restaurants throughout Boston.  As described by their importer, it is from "a wine cooperative of local growers in the south of France comes this high quality, powerful blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan grapes. Delicious from beginning to end, it has dark cherry notes that make it particularly tasty with meat hot off the grill."  We also recommend the white wine version - equally delicious.

Le Vin de L'Uncle Charles:  Uncles Charlie is a man after our own heart.  This is a very easy to drink wine, and this fitting description "Uncle Charlie  likes his wine light, with a nice balance of earth and fruit.  Not to mention low in alcohol so it goes down easy in the hot afternoon sun on the terrace."  Delightful!


Bota Box Shiraz:  Bota Box wines can be found in almost ever liquor store in New England.  Its not the best on the market, but it is reliable and really well priced.  As described by Bota Box, their Shiraz is a "juicy red wine―rich with ripe blackberry flavors―packs a punch. Though pleasantly supple, it is robust enough to cut through the spiciness of Mexican and Cajun dishes."


Bandit, Pinot Grigio:  Now technically it isnt a box - so dont confuse Bandit wine for your Coconut Water!  Packaged in a little green Tetrapak, Bandit Pinot Grigio is described by Wine Enthusiast as "totally dry, and the lime and grapefruit flavors are balanced with ultra-crisp acidity. Great with grilled veggies, sole with a squeeze of lemon, and Asian fare."

So have we convinced you to give the box a try? Is your fridge already stocked?  Share with us your finds & recommendations!

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