Sunday, March 18, 2012

To Do List: World Water Day (March 22nd)

Did you know that March 22nd is World Water Day?  World Water Day was created by the United Nations to bring attention to the issues relating to clean water supply throughout the world.  World Water Day is a great opportunity to educate your children on the environment and the importance of clean water.

Breakfast: Starting out the day with a Sailboat Ham & Egg Sandwich is sure to put your child in the spirit.  Turning a sandwich into a sailboat is about as easy as it can get, and sure to entertain the little ones.

Storytime:  Clean Water for Elirose, by Ariah Fine is a great way to communicate to children issues related to water availability and what some people have to do to get clean drinkable water.  The author has generously set it up so that you can read the whole book for free online.  While you're there, you can order your own copy at whatever price you can afford.

Playdate:  Its important for children to understand the role they can play in ensuring our water supply is clean.  Grab your rain boots, rubber gloves, and trash bags and head down to a local river, pond or beach to collect litter.  As always, adults should be involved in the playdate, you will not only set a great example for your children but you can also ensure that they aren't picking up and hazardous materials. If you're in the Boston area, Beacon Street Baby suggests the following locations: the Esplanade, Jamaica Plain Pond, and Spy Pond.

Dinner:  What more perfect way to end a day celebrating water then Fish Sticks and Seaweed Salad.  Seaweed Salad can be bought in most supermarkets, check the fish section or the sushi station area.

Late-Nightcap:  After a long day sloshing around in rain boots and scrubbing pond dirt off the little ones, mama needs a beverage.  Shake up a Fox River Cocktail for a perfect after dinner drink.

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