Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bargain/Brahmin Baby: Tooth Fairy

The return of the gummy smile!  All those long months of teething are over, and now your little one’s teeth are dropping like flies.  Of course that means a visit from the Tooth Fairy is not far behind.  And the Tooth Fairy needs some parental help here folks.  Dont just stash the tooth under the pillow, place it in a little box so that our Fairy friend doesnt wake your little dreamer.

For the Bargain Baby, how can you say no to this adorable sweet tooth tin by ROMP, priced at just $3.50.
For the Brahmin Baby, where else but Tiffany’s for your very own hand painted porcelain tooth box.  A gorgeous keepsake at $215.00.

Either way you do it, enjoy the look of awe on your little one’s face when they wake and find the molar replaced with moola.

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